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Relax and Bathe
Naturally handmade products to help you relax and improve the health of your skin.

Born out of a personal experience and the need for more natural bath products, Relax and Bathe’s soaps and bombs have been formulated to calm and alleviate dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and athlete's foot by using ingredients intended to soothe, repair, and nourish skin while combining luxurious, relaxing scents that help you to unwind and feel great.

Our vegan-friendly bath products, reed diffusers and plug-in air fresheners are always made from scratch, always pure and always fresh. The finest choice for yourself, your family and your friends.
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Whipped Soap - Joyous Whipped Soap - Joyous

Whipped Soap - Joyous

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Soap sponge - raspberry slush

Soap sponge - raspberry slush

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