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Reed diffusers

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Reed diffusers are a popular and practical way to add constant fragrance to any room, without the use of heat or flame. Moreover, reed diffusers deliver fragrance using a simple wick system: fragrance oil seeps up through reeds or sticks, dispersing scent into the air. ... The diffuser fragrance These are made to order please chose from the list below.

relax and bathe


Boss Bottled


Love Spell

Lime Coconut

Snow Fea

Vanilla Cream

JP Lady

Lush Inspired

American Milkshake


Death Becomes Her

Día De Los Muertos

Snow Fairy

Yummy Scrummy

Fresh Inspired

Lenor Spring Awaking

Baby Powder

Laundry Fairy

Strawberry and Lily


Egyptian Cotton


Perfume Inspired


Jean-Paul Guiltier

She’s guilty

Thai lime and Mango

Good girl


After-shave Inspired 

Boss Bottled

Blue Jeans

One Million

Spice Bomb


Sweet Inspired

Candy Floss


Cola Cube

Pear Drop

Strawberry Bon Bon

Lemon Sherbet

Rhubarb and Custard


Goddess breath

Sex Bomb

Yankee/Jo Malone Inspired

Home sweet home

Peony/Blush & Blush Suede

Vanilla & Anise

Amber & Sweet Orange

Blue Agave & Cacao

Orris and sandalwood

Rose ord

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